On October 8, within the framework of the favorite EBA Dnipro Best Business Practices project, we visited the modern modernized Ingulets elevator complex, which is under the management of the G.R. Agro Group of Companies.

During the event, modern control technologies at the elevator, the history of which began in 1923, were personally demonstrated. Today, the Ingulets elevator is a fully mechanized terminal with a one – time storage capacity of 52,000 tons of grain, with a daily intake rate of 3600 tons and a daily shipment rate of 2800 tons.

They answered all the questions of the guests and allowed them to get behind the scenes of the complex Artem Rempen – the operating director of GC “G.R. Agro”, as well as the head of the elevator farm Opryshko Oleg Vitalievich.

Among the guests of the delegation of EBA Dnipro – Dnipro Office of European Business Association were noted representatives of: APK – Inform, Association of Elevators of Ukraine, Landmann @Landmann, LLC “Agronica”, Konica Minolta Ukraine.