World wheat and corn prices are rising amid heat and a possible decline in production in the United States, which supports the barley market, which fell sharply at the beginning of the season on forecasts of good harvests in Ukraine and Russia.

This was reported by the press service of the Electronic Grain Exchange of Ukraine Graintrade.

“Against the background of lower wheat harvest forecasts in the United States and Russia, as well as delays in harvesting due to precipitation and restraint of sales by producers, wheat prices rose by $ 15-20 / t, and forward prices for Ukrainian corn – by $ 10-15 / t”, – it is spoken in the message.

They are followed by purchase prices for barley in the ports of Ukraine, which since the beginning of July decreased from 225−230 $ / t or 7 thousand UAH / t to 190−195 $ / t or 5.95−6.05 thousand UAH / t , over the last week increased by 10−15 $ / t to 200−205 $ / t or 6.2−6.3 thousand UAH / t, while a year ago in this period they amounted to 165−170 $ / t.

“The barley harvest in Ukraine is projected at 9-12 million tons due to the high yield of 4.5 t / ha, and exports are estimated at 5-7 million tons.

This discrepancy significantly complicates pricing. As of July 15, 2.9 million tons of winter barley with a yield of 4.29 t / ha (3.54 t / ha as of July 16, 2020) were harvested in Ukraine from 685 thousand hectares or 28% of the area.

But it should be taken into account that the average yield of spring barley is usually lower than that of winter barley, ”experts emphasize.

According to the LCA, in the 2021/22 season, as of July 21, Ukraine exported 301 thousand tons of barley, which corresponds to last year’s rate.