Food wheat


Market trends    

     Food wheat prices have risen sharply since Tuesday. This fact was due to the still low number of proposals, which is unusual for this period. At the same time, the demand for grain from both processing enterprises and exporters was quite high.

     Depending on the region, processing companies announced purchase prices from 5350 UAH/ton for the 2nd class and from 5250 UAH/ton for the 3rd class. Most often, the increase in prices was not accompanied by an increase in the number of purchases.

     In the ports, prices increased significantly during the reporting period. Thus, in small ports the hryvnia prices for grain of the 2nd class were announced in the range of 5750–5950 UAH/ton (+ 50–100 UAH/ton), of the 3rd class – 5650–5900 UAH/ton (+ 100–150 UAH/tons). Currency prices in small ports were in the range of 176–180 USD/ton (+ 2–4 USD/ton) for the 2nd class and 175–179 USD/ton (+ 2–5 USD/ton) for the 3rd class.

     Hryvnia prices in deep-sea ports increased on average by 450–500 UAH/ton to 6000–6300 UAH/ton – 2nd class and to 5950–6200 UAH/ton (+50–200 UAH/ton) – 3rd class. The range of currency prices of demand for the 2nd class at the end of the day was 187–200 USD/ton (+ 3–7 USD/ton), 188–196 USD/ton (+ 6 USD/ton) – 3rd class.



  • Price reductions due to an increase in the number of offers during the mass collection should not be ruled out.


Fodder wheat


Market trends

     The number of grain offers continued to increase, but was still assessed as low by market participants, which further strengthened prices. Processing companies reported an increase in grain prices by an average of 50 UAH/ton and voiced them from 4950 UAH/ton, CPT-enterprise.

     In small ports, hryvnia prices rose to 5350–5550 UAH/ton (+100–150 UAH/ton), CPT port. The range of currency prices in small ports was announced as 166–170 USD/ton (+3 USD/ton), CPT port.

     In deep-water ports, at the end of the day, prices were announced in the range of 5450–5900 UAH/ton (+50–100 UAH/ton) and 173–184 USD/ton (+3 USD/ton), CPT port.   



  • Until the market is saturated with the supply of grain harvest in 2020, prices will rise.


Fodder barley


Market trends 

     The supply of feed barley was estimated to be sufficient, while the demand for grain still outweighed the supply that supported prices.

     Most of the processors did not review the purchase prices and announced them from 4400 UAH/ton, CPT-enterprise.

     In ports, prices continued to rise, while the pace decreased slightly compared to Tuesday.

     In small ports, export-oriented companies announced demand prices in the range of 4800–5000 UAH/ton and 148–153 USD/ton, CPT port.

     The price ranges of exporters in deep-water ports were 5200–5500 UAH/ton and 163–168 USD/ton, CPT port.



  • Rising prices will continue.


Fodder corn


Market trends 

     The corn market was characterized by comparable price stability.

     At the same time, processing companies reported that, despite the lack of supply, they are not ready to raise prices.

     Prices in ports for the new harvest were announced in the range of 4850–5550 UAH/ton and 142–151 USD/ton – small ports, and up to 144–153 USD/ton, 4700–4800 UAH/ton – deep water.         



  • The weather factor and estimates of the harvest forecast will continue to determine the direction of export prices.