Food wheat


Market trends 

     The food wheat market continues to be characterized by a low supply of grain. Buyers note the fact that most often purchases can be made at maximum prices in the range of 5100–6300 UAH/ton. In the case of the offer of large-tonnage lots, buyers are ready to increase prices by an average of 50 UAH/ton, taking into account the cost of delivery to the company.

     In ports, the activity of trade and procurement is low. Currency prices in ports for the 2019 harvest vary between 198–202 USD/ton. The price ranges for wheat of the 2nd and 3rd class of the 2020 harvest are fixed in the range of 180–190 USD/ton and 178–188 USD/ton, CPT port, respectively.

     Hryvnia prices for the 2019 harvest are between 5950–6350 UAH/ton, CPT port. As a rule, companies are increasingly announcing prices for the new harvest, which vary between 5850–5950 and 5800–5900 UAH/t, CPT port, for wheat of the 2nd and 3rd class, respectively.



  • The activity of trade and procurement activities in the wheat market of the 2019 harvest will continue to decline. The pricing policy will be set, as a rule, by the companies which continue purchasing activity.
  • The weather factor will be one of the determinants in the formation of price levels for the new harvest.


Fodder wheat


Market trends 

     The activity of trade in the feed wheat market continues to decline. More and more companies are paying attention to the new harvest.

     Price ranges in ports for the old harvest remain within Tuesday – 195–198 USD/ton and not more than 6350 UAH/ton CPT, port.

     In turn, the demand prices for grain of the 2020 harvest most often increased and were announced to 180 USD/ton and 5500–5600 UAH/t, CPT port.



  • Previously formed price trends will remain in the market of the old harvest.
  • Prices for the new harvest have every chance to grow, given the steady hot weather, which can negatively affect the quality of grain.


Fodder barley


Market trends 

     The seasonal reduction in the number of grain offers and, consequently, in the activity of purchasing activity was characteristic of the feed barley market.

     The prices of processing enterprises most often varied within the previously formed limits of 4150–5100 UAH/ton, CPT enterprise. Some buyers reduced prices, waiting for the new harvest.

     In ports, the prices of export-oriented companies were announced up to 165 USD/ton for the 2019 harvest and up to 168 USD/ton for the 2020 harvest, CPT port.



  • An increasing number of companies will focus on the new harvest.


 Fodder corn


Market trends 

     There is a limited supply of feed corn on the market. Processing companies, which continue to purchase, report difficulties in forming the required volumes of grain, even at maximum and close to them prices.      

     Currency prices in ports increased by an average of 1–2 USD/ton and reached 175 USD/ton, CPT port. Prices for the 2020 harvest are announced up to 150 USD/ton, CPT port.

     Hryvnia prices in ports are announced by companies within Tuesday – 5000–5500 UAH/ton, CPT port.



  • The old harvest market will retain a limited number of offers that can support prices.