The modern autonomous infrared analyzer INFRASKAN-3150 was installed in the laboratory of the Varvarovsky elevator of the G. R. Agro company-on August 3, 2021.

This equipment is designed for rapid determination of quality indicators of cereals, legumes, oil seeds by measuring the optical characteristics of specially prepared samples of analyzed products in the near infrared region of the spectrum.

Infrared analyzers allow you to accurately determine important parameters of the quality of agricultural products in the elevator laboratory:

  • moisture
  • protein
  • fat
  • starch
  • fiber
  • gluten
  • sugar
  • ash content
  • amino acids

/ The software of this equipment is synchronized with the program “Agribusiness on Display” (the company’s CRM system), which allows our customers to have operational data on the analysis of imported grain. The client can, in case of disputes, decide on further actions with the product. The equipment of the laboratory with this equipment is primarily due to the speed of analyzing several parameters in less than a minute, ease of use, high accuracy, because the results obtained on BIC analyzers perfectly correlate with the results of arbitration methods.


This analyzer was purchased from LABTECHSERVICE LLC. The company supplies modern laboratory equipment and devices for express analysis of agricultural products on the territory of Ukraine.

The full cycle of equipment delivery, calibration, software installation, and personnel training to the enterprise took place within 7 calendar days.