“G.R. Agro” regularly purchases wheat for the company’s elevators.

The purchase price of 1 ton of wheat at the elevators of the “G.R. Agro”

Actual prices: 03.06.2023

Elevator at InguletsElevator at VilnogirskElevator at VarvarivkaElevator at RozdoryElevator at PryshybQuality specificationsQuality specifications
CommodityUAH/mtUAH/mtUAH/mtUAH/mtUAH/mtMoisture,%Foreign matter,%
Milling wheat 12.0-----14%2%
Milling wheat 11,5-----14%2%
Feed wheat-----14%2%

In the world market, Ukraine is known as an agricultural country. Wheat productivity only increases every year. The domestic market does not need such a quantity of products, so the lion’s share of the grain is exported.

Wheat is grown in all regions of Ukraine, and the Chernihiv region is no exception. From year to year, there is a high yield of feed wheat. This grain is intended for animal husbandry and is not used in food production.

Fougere wheat is a valuable product that is much less demanding. But, the price for the sale of grain crops today in the Chernihiv region is relevant only if it meets all the quality characteristics.

What factors determine the price of wheat

The formation of prices for wheat primarily depends on external factors. Among them:

  • yield indicator;
  • weather conditions;
  • situation on the world market;
  • supply and demand.

For the manufacturer, the price for products is formed based on the criteria of the presentation:

  • Debris level. According to existing standards, wheat can contain trash and grain impurities. An excess of the trash admixture index of more than 5% can lead to complication of grain processing, therefore, it worsens its quality characteristics. Grain impurity has nutritional value, therefore, it is allowed in the amount of up to 15%.
  • Color. Each wheat variety has its own flavor. But, with different processing methods, there may be a deviation from the norm. Quite often, the degree of freshness of the product is determined by the color.
  • Smell. Fresh high-quality products do not have any specific smell. But, wheat grains are able to absorb all foreign odors. That is why, according to this criterion, the quality of products is often determined. When a grain smells like rot, it indicates decomposition. Protein matter, malt smell indicates self-warming processes and mold, sour smell is a sign of fermented grain.
  • Uniformity. It is common for each type of grain to have a specific shape and grain size. Inhomogeneity can indicate mixing of different varieties of wheat and leads to a difficult processing process.
  • Humidity. The moisture level according to the standards should not exceed 15%. With increased indicators, the process of processing and storing grain crops becomes more difficult.
  • Pests. The defeat of a grain crop significantly impairs its quality characteristics and leads to the processes of self-heating of the grain.
  • Density. Depends on indicators of structure and ripeness.

“G.R. Agro” is ready to offer a market price for wheat in the Chernihiv region and guarantee an objective analysis.

How to profitably sell wheat in the Chernihiv region

As a market participant, a crop producer may experience gains or losses. As a rule, farmers focus their attention on planting, growing and harvesting, but this is not all. Getting a good harvest does not guarantee its profitable sale.

After harvesting, the farmer can sell wheat in the Chernihiv region at a low cost. This is due to the lack of demand and the presence of a large supply in the market. As practice shows, you can buy wheat in the Chernihiv region in different periods at different prices. The highest cost is expected in the spring.

“G.R. Agro” is ready to help the domestic manufacturer and recommends:

  • do not sell products in one period, it is better to divide them into several parts and sell them gradually;
  • monitor prices on the world market;
  • choose the most favorable period for selling wheat.

Due to the low purchase price, Ukrainian farmers are not always able to get the maximum benefit. And choosing the wrong sale period results in a loss of $20 to $40 per ton of product.

We understand how difficult it is to get a good harvest, so we offer favorable terms of cooperation. The specialists of the “G.R. Agro” are ready to help you fulfill all the recommendations and choose the most successful period for selling wheat.

Why with “G.R. Agro” profitable to cooperate

“G.R. Agro” has many years of experience. We strive to create conditions under which a domestic manufacturer will be able to sell its products as efficiently as possible. Cooperation with us has the following advantages:

  • prompt coordination of all contracts and payments;
  • flexibility in making decisions regarding the supply and loading of grain crops to elevators;
  • reasonable prices for all elevator services;
  • the possibility of selling products from the company’s elevators on the world market;
  • fast delivery of vehicles for loading due to the availability own logistics park.
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