“G.R. Agro” regularly purchases wheat for the company’s elevators.

The purchase price of 1 ton of wheat at the elevators of the “G.R. Agro”

Actual prices: 03.06.2023

Elevator at InguletsElevator at VilnogirskElevator at VarvarivkaElevator at RozdoryElevator at PryshybQuality specificationsQuality specifications
CommodityUAH/mtUAH/mtUAH/mtUAH/mtUAH/mtMoisture,%Foreign matter,%
Milling wheat 12.0-----14%2%
Milling wheat 11,5-----14%2%
Feed wheat-----14%2%

Due to the high yield of wheat, Ukraine is known in the world as an agricultural country. Every year the yield indicator only increases, and the domestic market does not need such large volumes of products, therefore the lion’s share is sold on the world market.

A significant part of feed wheat is grown in the Odessa region. This type of grain is intended for animal husbandry and is not used in the food sector. The feed wheat group is determined by the moisture level, which should not exceed 15%.

The purchase price for wheat in the Odessa region is one of the highest. Its formation may depend on various factors. But, the farmer can profitably sell fodder wheat only if the products correspond to the basic characteristics.

What affects the formation of the value of wheat

First of all, the formation of the value of a given crop is carried out taking into account the market situation, yield, weather conditions, supply and demand.

Wheat is sold throughout the year and depending on the period, wheat in the Odessa region can be sold at different prices. The cost of wheat may also depend on its presentation, namely on the following factors:

  • Humidity. In addition to temperature, it is of great importance for the storage of the grain and its viability. Excessive moisture levels can be detected by touch. But, a reliable indicator can be obtained only when the sample is placed in a moisture and airtight package.
  • Smell. Cereal products should not smell like rot or mold. The ideal smell is similar to that of straw. The presence of an unpleasant stale smell may indicate that the grain has been stored in improper conditions with an increased level of humidity.
  • Uniformity. Each wheat variety is characterized by a specific shape and grain size. If this indicator is not taken into account, this may indicate mixing of different varieties of wheat, which reduces its quality.
  • The presence of impurities. If the product contains a large number of small stones, burnt grains, grains of other crops – this complicates the process of cleaning wheat and makes it cheaper.
  • Color. A slight difference in color is allowed for different types of drying. A significant difference in the shade of wheat from that characteristic of a certain variety can lead to a deterioration in the quality of the product, and its cost reduction.

How to sell wheat profitably

Every farmer strives to achieve the highest profit at the lowest cost. At the same time, obtaining a large harvest is not yet a guarantee of its effective implementation. And after the end of the harvesting campaign, the question of how to sell the crop in the most profitable way becomes relevant.

Due to the lack of their own storage facilities, domestic producers quite often sell their products in the first month after the harvest. Because of this, it is possible to buy cheap wheat in the Odessa region during this period. In September, the demand for grain crops is small, because of this, the price can be quite low.

From year to year, there is a tendency for the price level to increase in the spring. Due to the sale of the grain in full after harvest, the farmer can lose from 20 to 40 dollars per 1 ton of production.

“G.R. Agro” for the sale of wheat at a favorable price recommends to consider the following recommendations:

  • choose the right period for selling wheat;
  • analyze prices on the world market;
  • do not sell the entire volume of wheat in one period.

“G.R. Agro” offers domestic producers favorable prices for wheat in the Odessa region at the company’s elevators. We guarantee to quickly accept the products and objectively analyze the grain.

Benefits of working with “G.R. Agro”

“G.R. Agro” has been operating on the market for over 15 years, thanks to this we know how to effectively sell wheat on the foreign market. Cooperation with us has many advantages, including:

  • affordable tariffs for all elevator services;
  • prompt delivery of vehicles for loading, due to the availability own vehicle fleet;
  • availability of a large selection of financial solutions;
  • minimum of risky situations;
  • flexibility in making decisions regarding delivery and procurement for elevators;
  • the ability to sell products on the international market.

If you want to profitably sell wheat on the international market with minimal costs, please contact us. Our experience and qualifications will help you make the most profitable decisions and get the maximum profit.

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