“G.R. Agro” regularly purchases wheat for the company’s elevators.

The purchase price of 1 ton of wheat at the elevators of the “G.R. Agro”

Actual prices: 03.06.2023

Elevator at InguletsElevator at VilnogirskElevator at VarvarivkaElevator at RozdoryElevator at PryshybQuality specificationsQuality specifications
CommodityUAH/mtUAH/mtUAH/mtUAH/mtUAH/mtMoisture,%Foreign matter,%
Milling wheat 12.0-----14%2%
Milling wheat 11,5-----14%2%
Feed wheat-----14%2%

The cost of wheat in the Kirovograd region today

The indicators of the gross harvest of grain, including wheat, are increasing annually in Ukraine. The domestic market of the country does not need so many products, so most of it is exported.

Ukraine in the world market has the status of a producer of feed grain. This grain crop is grown throughout the country, including the Kirovograd region.

Feed wheat is used as feed for domestic animals and is not suitable for food processing and planting. This type of grain is characterized by the presence of carbohydrates, not a lot of fiber, fat and protein.

Fodder wheat can be used to make compound feed. A high-quality combo feed contains lysine, which provides an even ratio of amino acids to phosphorus, which allows pets to digest grain.

The price of feed wheat in the Kirovograd region is constantly changing at the beginning of the sowing season, it is difficult to determine what it will be. The advantage of this grain crop is its low cost in comparison with other groups of wheat.

The price of wheat in the Kirovograd region today is formed in accordance with the goods in accordance with all basic characteristics.

What determines the cost of wheat

The price of wheat can be influenced by such factors as yield, market situation, supply and demand, weather conditions.

The commercial value of wheat may depend not only on the market situation, but also on criteria such as:

  • Wheat moisture. This criterion is of great importance for the further storage of products. High humidity can be detected by touch.
  • The presence of impurities. If the wheat has foreign impurities, the presence of other crops, small stones, burnt products, sand – this will lead to difficulties in cleaning the products. Therefore, exceeding this indicator will lead to a significant reduction in the price of wheat.
  • Shape and size. The grain of each wheat variety has its own characteristics in terms of size and shape. The entire batch of grain must visually have the same grain size and shape.
  • Color. Certain types of drying may result in slight color differences in the crop, and this is acceptable. But, a significant difference makes it cheaper products, therefore, it is not possible to sell a similar product at a high cost turn out.
  • The state of the shell. The grains must not be damaged. Damage, that occurred during cleaning, drying, transportation can lead to loss wheat of a presentation.
  • Uniformity. The grain crop should not have a significant amount impurities in the form of grains of other types, and look homogeneous. Otherwise, it will indicate the mixing of several varieties of wheat. This moment will negatively affect the price for 1 ton of wheat.

How to profitably sell wheat grain

Every farmer is interested in obtaining the highest profit at the lowest cost. Growing wheat and harvesting is not enough, since it still needs to be sold profitably.

Wheat purchase prices do not always allow farmers to earn a lot from the grown crop, and in this situation, the profitability rarely exceeds 20-30%.

“G.R. Agro” is working on creating favorable conditions that help domestic producers to sell their own products as efficiently as possible. And to get the maximum value for wheat, we recommend:

  • correctly determine the time for the sale of grain;
  • analyze prices on the world market;
  • do not sell the entire amount of the harvested crop at once.

You can buy wheat in Kropyvnytskyi at the lowest cost after harvesting. Many farmers do not take risks and sell their products immediately after the harvesting campaign. The difference in cost can range from $20 to $40 per 1 ton of wheat when choosing different periods for sale.

“G.R. Agro” is ready to offer favorable terms of cooperation and help in the sale of wheat at market value.

Advantages of “G.R. Agro”

“G.R. Agro” has been operating on the market for over 15 years. We are constantly developing and striving to help every domestic manufacturer who turns to us for help, to sell products as efficiently as possible.

Cooperation with “G.R. Agro” has a number of advantages, including:

  • affordable tariffs for elevator services;
  • fast service for the formation of a contractual framework for agricultural manufacturers;
  • the possibility of selling grain crops on the international market;
  • prompt negotiation of contracts and payments;
  • providing a full sales cycle “from field to port”.

Our presence on the market helps us to regularly update the price and offer only favorable terms of cooperation. And the presence of our own logistics park ensures fast delivery of vehicles for loading.

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