“G.R. Agro” regularly purchases wheat for the company’s elevators.

The purchase price of 1 ton of wheat at the elevators of the “G.R. Agro”

Actual prices: 03.06.2023

Elevator at InguletsElevator at VilnogirskElevator at VarvarivkaElevator at RozdoryElevator at PryshybQuality specificationsQuality specifications
CommodityUAH/mtUAH/mtUAH/mtUAH/mtUAH/mtMoisture,%Foreign matter,%
Milling wheat 12.0-----14%2%
Milling wheat 11,5-----14%2%
Feed wheat-----14%2%

Wheat is a grain crop that is grown throughout Ukraine. Thanks to active agricultural activities, our country is known in the world as an agrarian state.

Khmelnytsky region is known for its high yields of feed wheat. This grain is not used in the food industry and for sowing. It is an indispensable product in the diet of pets.

The purchase price for wheat in the Khmelnytsky region is constantly changing and may depend on various factors, and is valid only if the product meets the basic characteristics.

What factors influence the formation of prices for wheat in the Khmelnytsky region

Wheat is sold in the Khmelnytsky region all year round. But, in each period, the price may be different. First of all, the cost is formed based on external factors, such as:

  • situation on the world market;
  • supply and demand;
  • yield;
  • weather conditions.

The manufacturer can sell wheat at a bargain price only if it meets all the quality characteristics, therefore, for the farmer, the cost is formed on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Humidity level. This is an important criterion for storing grain crops. Its inconsistency can lead to a deterioration in the presentation of grain and complicate its further processing.
  • Debris. Wheat may contain grain and weed impurities. Due to the nutritional value, a fairly large presence of grain impurities is allowed. The presence in the product of small stones, burnt grains, sand negatively affects the further processing of grain crops, therefore, the excess of the trash admixture makes it cheaper.
  • There is a smell. Wheat grains are capable of absorbing all third-party odors. Therefore, improper storage and deterioration of the culture can be determined by this criterion. Fermented grain has a malty smell. When self-heating processes occur in the grain, it smells like mold. The decomposition of protein matter is accompanied by the smell of rot.
  • Uniformity. Wheat grains must be of the same shape and size as the respective variety. A heterogeneous grain crop is much more difficult to process.
  • Color. Small deviations from the norm are allowed for different types of processing. The color determines the degree of freshness of the product. Deviations may indicate changes in the chemical composition of the crop.
  • Damage to products by pests. Negatively affects the grain crop and can lead to its cost reduction. When wheat is damaged by pests in grain, waste of larvae, eaten grains and corpses of insects can be observed.

How to sell wheat profitably

After harvesting, the wheat grower looks for how to profitably sell his products. Purchase prices for wheat in the Khmelnytsky region do not always allow the farmer to get the maximum profit for the harvested crop.

Many farmers, due to the lack of their own storage facilities and the urgent need for finance, are forced to sell their products after the end of the harvesting campaign. Wheat prices are not high in September. The presence of a large supply leads to the fact that it is possible to buy wheat grain in Khmelnytskyi cheaply. When deciding to sell a grain crop, at this time, an agrarian can lose from 20 to 40 dollars per 1 ton of production.

To sell wheat at a bargain price, the specialists of “G.R. Agro” recommend:

  • not sell all products after harvest;
  • constantly monitor prices on the world market;
  • choose a good period for selling products.

Many farmers focus on growing grain crops, and when they get a good harvest, they do not always understand how it can be effectively realized. We are ready to help you sell your products profitably, taking into account all the recommendations and provide the domestic manufacturer with the opportunity to enter the world market.

Why cooperate with “G.R. Agro” profitable

“G.R. Agro” has been on the market for over 15 years. Our qualifications and experience enable us to make only the best decisions. We offer favorable terms of cooperation that help the domestic manufacturer to get the maximum profit. By contacting us, you get:

  • reasonable prices for all elevator services;
  • flexibility in making decisions regarding the purchase and supply of products to elevators;
  • prompt delivery of vehicles for loading, due to the availability own vehicle fleet;
  • only competitive prices for wheat, which are constantly updated;
  • rapid formation of a contractual framework for grain producers;
  • the opportunity to sell their products on the international market.
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