Sunflower is a strategically important oil seed crop in Ukraine, which plays a key role in the agricultural sector and accounts for 70 percent of all oilseeds grown.In terms of world production of sunflower seeds, Ukraine ranks first with 25 percent, followed by Russia (22%) and Argentina (9%).In addition, about 57 percent of all world sunflower oil exports go to Ukraine (State Statistics Service of Ukraine).

What factors determines the price of sunflower?

In Ukraine, sunflower is one of the most popular crops among agricultural producers.This culture is grown almost throughout the territory of Ukraine.Among the regions, Zaporizhzhya ranks fifth in terms of sowing and growing this crop.According to data for 2021, more than 1564.51 thousand hectares have been sown with sunflower in the Zaporozhye region.

How is the price of sunflower formed in the Zaporozhye region?

  1. It depends on the cost of 1 ton of oil in the world markets.The amount of exported oil is higher than the volume of seed exports.
  2. Prices are still growing due to high demand, but manufacturers who have large reserves of raw materials can dictate their terms of purchase and sale to the market.
  3. Other oilseeds such as rapeseed and soybeans also directly affect the market value of sunflower seeds.
  4. Climate – sunflower is resistant to extreme heat and blooms well during the summer season, but constant moisture and prolonged rains spoil the plant.

What documents are required to sell sunflower seeds?

To export sunflower, the following package of documents is required.

This includes:

  • A contract for a foreign trade transaction;
  • Customs declaration.
  • Documents confirming the quality of products (certificate, extracts of laboratory analyzes, etc.)
  • Waybill for a vehicle, a power of attorney or permission for a vehicle to travel abroad
  • Confirmed documents on payment of duties and customs duties (receipts, checks)

Without properly executed (legal) documents, the export of sunflower will be impossible, therefore, documentation should be kept in accordance with the law.

How to sell sunflower for export without risks?

The process of selling sunflower for export is not easy.The European market is picky about goods and permits.With self-registration, there is a risk that the customs may not allow the export of products abroad.In this case, producers should seek help from experienced grain traders.

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