Over the past years, Ukraine has been a leader in sunflower production. All this is explained by the fact that the cultivation of this culture is the most profitable among other crops.

Optimal moisture supply of the soil, along with a sufficient amount of sun and heat, allows the farmers of the Lugansk region to get a good harvest.

The price of sunflower in the Luhansk region depends on various factors, including formed under the influence of trends and factors of the global and domestic markets.

What factors determine the purchase price of a crop?

The internal price of sunflower in the Luhansk region is formed under the direct influence of the cost of sunflower oil and seeds. The following factors affect pricing:

  • yield;
  • projected crop volumes in world sunflower producing countries;
  • cost for other oilseeds;
  • meteorological conditions;
  • harvest quality.

During the year, the price of sunflower in the Luhansk region is formed on the basis of offers on the market. And the minimum cost is usually fixed at the beginning of September. All this is due to the beginning of the harvest and the presence of a large supply on the market. But, it is during this period that the sale of sunflower in the Luhansk region is carried out at the lowest cost. But at the end of spring – at the beginning of summer, sunflowers can be sold at a better cost.

How to sell sunflower for export profitably?

As an important market participant, the farmer, after the harvest, makes decisions regarding the sale of grain. A sunflower can be sold in bulk at a high price, but at the same time it is possible to pay a considerable amount for transportation and storage. Find profitable sales routes – not an easy task for a manufacturer.

On the Ukrainian market today there are various offers regarding the purchase / sale of sunflower. Significant volumes of raw materials can be sold for export, as well as for domestic processors. It is quite difficult to independently carry out the supply of sunflower for export, because there are many nuances in the organization of the implementation process. In this difficult process, grain traders can help.

This company will resolve all issues regarding implementation and organize the entire process from delivery to final settlement. The grain trader will carry out a full sales cycle and thereby simplify the process of selling products for export.  The trading company will help with paperwork, shipping, find and fix various errors.

The advantage of cooperation with a grain trader is the favorable price of sunflower today in the Luhansk region in a cost / profit ratio.

Why work with «G.R. Agro» profitable?

«G.R. Agro» does not recommend selling sunflower for export on your own. It is quite difficult to sell this oilseed directly by yourself, because this requires knowledge about the nuances of selling raw materials abroad. And most importantly, you need to be able to negotiate with international counterparties.

We are ready to minimize your risks and help with the sale of sunflower. Cooperation with «G.R. Agro» has a number of advantages, including:

  • minimization of risk situations;
  • presence in all regions of the country, including the Luhansk region;
  • loyal prices for all elevator services of the company;
  • providing a full sales cycle from field to port;
  • availability of a logistics park, which makes it possible to promptly supply vehicles for loading.
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