Ukraine is one of the largest sunflower producers in the world. This is facilitated by a climate suitable for growing crops. Therefore, farmers from all regions are engaged in sunflower production, including from the Kharkov region.

Every year Ukraine exports this grain crop to more than 100 countries of the world. The demand for these products exists in the domestic market, but large volumes of grain crops at a more favorable price can be sold on the international market.

What factors affect the formation of the cost of sunflower in the Kharkiv region?

The price of sunflower in the Kharkiv region is one of the highest in Ukraine. Thanks to this, sunflower is considered an economically profitable crop, with a profitability of 80%.

Every year the price of sunflower varies depending on the season and, as a rule, depends on the following factors:

  • weather conditions;
  • price surges for other crops (such as soybeans, rapeseed, and so on);
  • batch size and product quality;
  • projected yield in producing countries;
  • global ending stocks and procurement volumes of export contracts for sunflower processing products (oil, meal).

In the world market, the formation of prices for 1 ton of sunflower is justified by the cost of 1 ton of oil. Since the volume of exports of the latter is much higher.

The high price of sunflower in the Kharkiv region is also formed under the influence of constant competition between exporters and processors.

What documents are needed to sell a sunflower?

Sunflower is often used for the production of oil, so it is important that the products fully comply with existing regulations. Therefore, sunflower seeds are certified.

The list of mandatory documents for the export of these products depends on the legislation of the country to which the delivery will be made. Certificates of origin, phytosanitary reports and so on may be requested.

How to sell sunflower seeds for export?

Sunflower is a grain crop that can be sold in large quantities on the international market at a good price. But, it is quite difficult to independently prepare the necessary documentation, organize transportation, find an exporting company, negotiate. To minimize the risks, it is better to contact a grain trader for help.

The trading company will take over all these processes and simplify the sale of the grain crop. First of all, the grain trader will help with paperwork and shipment, as well as find and correct errors of various nature.

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