Sunflower is a popular grain crop all over the world. Therefore, many Ukrainian farmers are engaged in its cultivation.

Ukraine is one of the countries that occupy a leading position in the production and supply of sunflower. As a result, quite high prices for these products were formed in the country, which, due to moderate costs, made it possible to obtain a profitable agricultural crop.

Today, farmers from all over Ukraine, including the Odessa region, are engaged in sunflower cultivation.

What factors influence sunflower price formation in Odessa region?

The minimum prices for sunflower in the Odessa region are observed at the end of summer, since it is during this period that the harvesting campaign begins. But, annually, the formation of wholesale prices for sunflower seeds is influenced by trends in the domestic and foreign markets. These factors include:

  • pricing for other crops (e.g. rapeseed, soybeans, corn, etc.);
  • weather conditions;
  • the quality of raw materials (moisture and the amount of trash impurities affect the purchase price of sunflower);
  • yield;
  • projected yield levels in producing countries;
  • sunflower oil index.

During the year, the purchase price in the Odessa region for this crop is formed on the basis of the existing supply on the market.

What documents are required to sell a sunflower?

When selling sunflower for export, an agreement is drawn up to settle relations between the seller and the buyer. Arrangements can be made in one of the following ways:

  • In case of long-term cooperation. An agreement is concluded with the subsequent execution of specifications for the supply.
  • In case of a one-time transaction. A sales contract is concluded, which specifies all the terms of the transaction.

Also, all products sold for export must receive a quality certificate.

How to sell sunflower for an escort profitable?

In the presence of significant volumes of sunflower, it can be profitably sold for export. But, it’s hard enough to do it yourself. It is necessary to find a buyer and take care of the paperwork. By doing this process on his own, the farmer assumes all the risks.

A grain trader will help to simplify this process. He will handle the documentation, help with transportation and negotiate with an international counterparty.

The main advantage of cooperation with a grain trader is the favorable prices for sunflower for cashless payments in Odessa in a profit / cost ratio.

Why is it profitable to cooperate with our company?

If you decide to enter the international market, we do not recommend that you do everything yourself, since you need to thoroughly know the specifics of trading and be able to negotiate with counterparties.

To minimize risks, contact «G.R. Agro». Cooperation with us has a number of advantages, including:

  • loyal prices for elevator services;
  • minimization of risk situations;
  • availability of our own vehicle fleet, which ensures fast delivery of vehicles for loading;
  • ensuring a full cycle of deliveries from field to port;
  • the presence of accredited multi-trader companies at the company’s elevators.

Our experience and qualifications help us make only profitable decisions. Therefore, if you decide to sell sunflower for export in the Odessa region, please contact us.

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