Corn is one of the main fodder crops in Ukraine. Many farms grow it in their fields, as our country has all the conditions for this. However, it is not enough to grow grain – it still needs to be realized profitably, and many farms, especially small ones, are lost on this. Therefore, if you are a corn farmer and do not know how to profitably realize the volume, G.R. Agro is at your service.

The cost of corn in the Vinnytsia region today

In order to sell corn on the most favorable terms for you, we will definitely send the grain for examination, which should confirm its compliance with international quality standards:

  • grain moisture content is not more than 14%, maximum 14.5%
  • weed impurities do not exceed 2%
  • impurities of other grains are not more than 10%
  • healthy grain appearance
  • no signs of mold and diseases
  • absence of rodents and insect pests, as well as traces of their vital activity

The price of corn in the Vinnytsia region

The cost of corn most often depends on such factors:

  • the demand for the crop at the international level,
  • weather conditions during the growing season and harvesting,
  • the forecast of world production and consumption of all types of grain among the producing countries, the
  • political situation and prospects for world trade,
  • economic stability, as well as the introduction of export duties among the producing countries.
  • the cost of grain transportation
  • futures prices on the world’s major commodity exchanges

What you need to sell corn

When the harvesting season ends, many farmers face the question: how to sell corn and do it on time? The fact is that many farms do not have the capacity for high-quality grain storage, since this requires good silos or bulk storage areas. In addition, you need to find a partner you can trust (it is important to realize that favorable offers should be combined with the market situation, as well as the conditions of shipment and payment of goods). Another nuance is transport and operational logistics, safety and security of goods during transportation. Few people want to contact the railway, due to delays in the delivery of wagons on request and the length of the transportation period as a whole.

In addition, the sale of corn in industrial volumes requires compliance with sanitary standards, as well as documents that confirm all this.

In short, the independent sale of grain without intermediaries is a complex and nervous event, for which you need to have a whole department of professionals.

Trading companies

Such enterprises have all the conditions and capacities for the sale of grain with the greatest benefit for the seller. This is especially true for those who focus on the international market.

They will help you collect all the necessary documents and issue customs contracts, pick up the best offers, and provide transport. Grain trading companies are the best option for small farms that have a good product in the right volume, but there is no way to implement it on their own.

Advantages of G.R. Agro

  • free storage of grain for the whole MY 2021/2022
  • own transport for logistics
  • provision of a range of logistics services, auto and railway
  • reputation as a reliable partner for agricultural producers
  • efficiency and quality in the negotiation of contracts
  • favorable purchase prices from multinational companies and domestic processors
  • individual approach to each client at all stages of the relationship
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