Sunflower is an important crop. In terms of supplies and production volumes of this crop, Ukraine occupies a leading position in the world. Farmers from almost all regions of the country, including the Zaporozhye region, are engaged in sunflower cultivation.

The price of sunflower in the Zaporozhye region is one of the highest in Ukraine.

What factors influence the formation of the purchase price in the Zaporozhye region

Annually the price of sunflower in the Zaporozhye region per ton of products is formed on the basis of the following factors:

  • weather conditions in the region;
  • spikes in prices for other crops (e.g. soybeans, rapeseed, etc.);
  • product quality (indicators of impurities, moisture play an important role in determining the price of products);
  • projected crop levels in exporting countries;
  • oil content index (the higher the index, the higher the cost can be expected).

During the year, the price of sunflower in the Zaporizhzhya region is formed on the basis of the existing supply, both on the domestic market and on the export.

What documents are needed to implement a sunflower

Sunflower can be supplied to the market as a raw material for the manufacture of oil and other products. And in order to confirm whether the culture meets the established requirements, certification is carried out.

In the process of concluding a deal with international counterparties, an agreement is also concluded, which specifies all the conditions.

How can a sunflower be sold profitably on the international market?

After the end of the harvesting campaign, the farmer must decide how the products will be sold.

Significant volumes of sunflower can be profitably sold for export. But, all this is not as easy to carry out on your own as it might seem at first glance. The farmer must understand the peculiarities of the sale of raw materials on the international market, understand how to draw up documentation, and also be able to negotiate with international counterparties. And most importantly, it is important to find a buyer. With an independent search, all risks of such a transaction will be borne by the farmer.

A trading company can help simplify this process. The grain trader will take over the paperwork, negotiations, and will also help with the transportation of products. The company will provide a full sales cycle for oilseeds, which will greatly facilitate the process of selling grain for export.

Why with «G.R. Agro» profitable cooperation

If you decide to sell a large volume of sunflower on the international market, then keep in mind that this process is complicated and requires the relevant knowledge from the farmer. To minimize risks, we recommend contacting our company. Cooperation with us has the following advantages:

  • loyal prices for all types of elevator services;
  • competitive prices;
  • flexibility in the decision-making process in matters of delivery to elevators and procurement;
  • having our own vehicle fleet, which makes it possible to promptly provide vehicles for loading;
  • providing a full cycle of sales from field to port.

Our qualifications and experience help us make only effective decisions. Therefore, if you decide to sell your products on the international market or there is a need to transport sunflower seeds to the ports of Ukraine, please contact us for help.

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